REMMED-ROMANIA (A Multi-branch Network for Medium, Evolution and Development) is an NGO that aims at promoting the ideas of intellectual, cultural, educational, economic, social, and tehnological/ ecological evolution together with the ideas of both material and spiritual development. It was founded in 1995 with the following aims and objectives:

Promotion of communication and cooperation among students and young specialists of different fields so as to find viable solutions regarding cultural, ecological, social, economic evolution and development.
Exchange information in the fields of economic, social and ecological development with similar organizations from Romania and abroad.
Editing and publishing materials regarding the aims and the activity developed by REMMED-ROMANIA.
Organizing conferences and other activities on different topics and participating at activities organized by similar associations in Romania and abroad.
Promoting and developing the educational activity and training by organizing conferences, talks, courses etc. via national or international projects.
Getting and using financial resources under the form of subsidy, voluntary contribution, sponsoring etc.
Support for private initiative in the fields of medium, evolution, and development.